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Let us get to know you so we can serve you best! Through a Q&A Session we can access/understand your goals, aspirations and personality in which we can develop your style profile. 

Meet one-on-one to discuss your wardrobe dilemmas and stylegoals. A thorough Wardrobe Edit will then determine what isill-fitting, unnecessary and dated. Learn how to make outfits withwhat’s left and finish with a customized shopping strategy.

We work with you to edit the pieces in your closet that no longer serve you. We will then organize your closet by season and color and help you find new ways to wear pieces you already own. Your initial session also includes a list of essential pieces that you need to complete your wardrobe for the season, as well as tips on the silhouettes, necklines, and colors that will work best for whatever your body type.

Special Events & Occasions
We can assist you in finding the perfect looks for all of your special events surrounding your wedding such as bridal shower, engagement parties, rehearsal dinner and of course, your wedding day! We can even shop and put together a great wardrobe for your honeymoon. Not getting married anytime soon? Thats perfectly fine we will style you for any important events or travels you have coming up!

Looking for some new pieces to add to your wardrobe? Let's go shopping! The personal shopping is usually preceded by a wardrobe edit. We discuss your style needs and fashion goals, and take a look at your existing clothing / accessories to assess what you need to complete your wardrobe for the season.

Virtual Styling can help you get you ready for an upcoming event or find those must-haves for your everyday life. Whatever your specific needs, time-frame, and budget, hand-picked selections will be delivered to you via e-mail. Additionally, We will customize a personal look book for you to have on hand for those "I have nothing to wear" moments. It will include images of an array of ensembles that highlight the best of your personal style. This will be your on-the-go book, your traveling outfit guide, and your fashion companion that helps you save time.

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