On a typical day I tend to strip down to my bares and roll around in my Calvin's because we all know Calvin Klein underwear is extremely comfortable, yet stylish on a effortlessly chic level. I have never been one for the frills, lace and other embellishments. One, because they hurt and two there is no longevity in frills/lace...trust me. Right now, we have just received shipment for our Spring collection and I am so excited to share it with you guys. In effort to turn Modified Now into a full online lifestyle boutique we are looking into undergarments for the upcoming season so stay tuned!

On other notes....

Things have been a little difficult with my transition to New York, embarking on a long distance relationship while trying to focus 100% on my online store. Trying to stay positive, focused and active have seem to become more difficult while trying to adjust to this environment change. Overall, I can say that for all creative intent purposes New York has definitely inspired, but I just don't feel completely satisfied in the decision I made when moving here. At any rate, I came.. I saw... and I made my short term goal manifest. This time next year, I am debating on where I will be...fingers crossed LA or Atlanta. Those are two cities I am dying to explore and this time I am bringing my partner in crime A.K.A my boyfriend. 

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