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More images from my condo, where a dinning table once lived. I can't believe that its almost been a month since I moved out. I don't know if it took me awhile to post these images because I actually miss living there or if I miss the possibilities of what I could have accomplished there. Either way these next few post will be a pure reflection of me capturing the last moments in a place I have called home for many years. Sad, I know but on to bigger and better things. I just moved to Brooklyn, NY so with one chapter closed another has opened and I can't wait to see how this story will unfold.

Anyway, I digress in the images above my friends are wearing a Muji Transparent Rain Coat, an Oversized Misanthrope Sweater, a Black Blessed Asymmetrical Dress, Alexander Wang Booties and All Saints Boots. I want to quickly touch upon this Muji Transparent Jacket, which is truly amazing. I feel like there are endless possibilities that can come from this coat. I really like layering and due to the type of textile and its thin nature I can wear this for multiple seasons. I feel a 30 days 30 different ways to wear post coming soon with this coat. Be on the look out.

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