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I recently discovered Misanthrope Agency last August at the annual Agenda Trade show held in Vegas. Hungry, tired, uninspired and two hours in on wandering around the liberty trade show I stumbled upon Misanthrope's booth and all of the mini wonders they had to offer. Every piece shown was detailed, well made and I could see the endless possibilities that these clothes had to offer, especially to my customers so I decided to buy into their collection and try them out for Spring. If you are unaware of this brand right now you should definitely make yourself familiar. Comfortable, yet structured and their brand explores the realm of genderless apparel and I truly adore that.

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  1. Hey hun!

    Thank you for your incredibly kind message on IFB, it means a lot to hear feedback from you seeing as I am only just re-entering the blogging world!

    Your outfit looks so comfy and chic. Great look and thanks for sharing the brand!

    Just followed you via bloglovin and hope you'll do the same for me :)

    Helen xx

    PS. Don't forget to enter my Daniel Wellington Giveaway