So, this is the first time that I have shot models other than myself or Greg for our store MODIFIEDNOW and I must say they turned out better then I expected. If I shall give you a one word run down of how the day of the shoot went I must say it would be...hell. We had other models scheduled that bailed last minute, so we had to search for replacement models like two hours before the shoot, which was a living nightmare. Also, the make-up artist and lack of female models present should let you know we were working with the best we have. But, when life deals you lemons its only right to make lemonade. We had a hairstylist that was super versatile in hair and makeup so she made up in areas where the novice makeup artist lacked. Also, the two male models that were shot turned out to deliver better then expected. So, overall I would say the shoot was successful.

Between relocating to New York, planning a launch event for my online store and starting a new job, needless to say these last couple of months have involved multiple cups of coffee, several all nighters and a few 12 hour induced sleep sessions that are a direct result of my sleep deprivation. At any rate, I am hoping the hard work pays off at some point so I am able to look back at these times laugh, smile and share these memories with my kids at some point.

PS all of the outfits photographed above will be available in the Spring on MODIFIEDNOW

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