Up until last summer, I used only MAC Cosmetics products, but somehow I received a sample of the Dior Nude BB Cream and became addicted. The BB creme helped correct some of my color tone issues, while hydrating my face at the same time. Gradually, I went from using the BB Creme to using the BB Creme and the Nude Airflash Foundation. Now, I use the BB Creme, Airflash  Foundation and the Dior Blackout Shadow almost everyday. These three items are the key to my natural "fresh face" look.

Although, the pricing of these products are a little steep they are well worth it. The Dior Nude BB Creme cost about $44.00 a tube, the Dior Nude Airflash Foundation cost about $65.00 a can and the Dior Blackout Mascara runs around $25.00. I never thought I would be the girl so invested in the world of skincare and cosmetics, but aging is definitely a key factor in why I am now paying more attention overall appearance. What can I say, pretty hurts…especially the pockets at times.


  1. I definitely appreciate a fresh face look! :) Thanks for reaching out to me.

    Lots of Love from IFB =]

    Maggie A

  2. Great review! Also great blog... I love the quality of your posts and pictures!


  3. I use MAC but now I definitely want to try Dior! It might be a little pricy, but it is worthy♥

    Lakshmi in Trance