I believe that I am dwelling in a color blind world. I took a look into my wardrobe the other day and realized there is a true absence of color. No vibrant colors just neutrals and the good ole monochromatic palette. Don't get me wrong my wardrobe may be absent of color but it is far from dull. I love textures, shapes, deconstructed items, culturally charged pieces and all that jazz. I just prefer them to have no prints or color.

So recently, I decided to recently re-brand myself, so I will be changing the name of my blog. I know THEKITTYCAGE  is catchy but it does not portray the aesthetic that I am looking for, nor does it support my new business venture, so it has to go. Maybe I will keep the name for my Tumblr since that is mostly inspirational items and photos. 

We will see.


  1. Love this look! Where did you buy the harness?

  2. I really love the sheer booties + oversized shirt.


  3. I really enjoy the clean layout of your blog. As for the subject of this post--my friends tease me all the time for the lack of color in my wardrobe,and when I point out the lovely texture of a piece I am often met with eye-rolls: I am thankful to have come across someone with a similar aesthetic. Speaking of, I really like your shoes in this post--have you checked out the line of Lucite heels from B-store? These have a little pop of color


    but they have become a go to in my wardrobe. I am glad I came across your blog through IFB you have definitely gained a reader!