IFB Conference 2012, what to say....ummmmm, oh yeah amazing. I ended up running into Katrina from Beach&Dress, listened to several informative panels, met a million great bloggers and joined the DC blogger network. I would say that the overall event was successful and I intend to go to more blogger networking events. For people like me who are really lost in translation when it comes to building your brand, these types of events actually give me insight on how to grow and nurture my brand.

There is actually a crazy story on how I ended up at this event. I randomly checked my IFB account, the day prior to the conference, and learned that the event was being held in NYC.  The conference fell a day before NYFW began and you know what...I actually fucking contemplated not going. Stupid right? I am so glad that lazy Verlyncia decided to rest her loins and proactive Verlyncia took over for the week. It was so worth the Megabus trip.


  1. So jealous you got to go to that! i am your newest follower and would love to follow each other!

    xo, ciara

  2. I loveeeee your top, You look lovely
    Great blog btw, Maybe we can follow each other!